Screen Capture

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

Screen capture enables you to capture your screens in high quality, image, and PDF format. Furthermore, the interest in capturing screenshots has drastically increased since 2009. Therefore, take a snap of any region of your screen with just a few clicks with the Screen Capture extension. However, if you wonder how much this extension costs, don't worry about it. This extension is free of cost for you to download. Furthermore, it enables you to capture any video or photo on your screen and saves them as screenshots. Therefore, utilize this futuristic Screen Capture extension to access its more features.


Screen Capture is an extension that lets you capture your browser screen's full page. Furthermore, the screen will be captured and downloaded in the form of a screenshot to the downloads section of your browser. Moreover, you can take screenshots of your page without spending any bucks on it. Without any hindrances and lagging, take screenshots of your favorite pictures or graphics and whatnot. The screen capture extension is compatible with your desktops or PCs. Besides, it supports a variety of keyboard gestures like ALT+C to capture screenshots and make it more simple for you. Moreover, you can save the pictures in PNG or JPEG. Therefore, this is an efficient way to capture your visible screen right now without any ads or permissions. Furthermore, clicking on the extension icon or pressing Alt+Shift+P is the simplest way to capture the screenshot of your entire page. The extension saves each section of your page and directs you to a separate tab where you can recover your screenshot as an image or PDF. Therefore, what you do is drag it to your desktop accordingly. Also, you will not face any ads or barrier issues while taking a screenshot and saving your screenshot.

The screen capture extension is an advanced and upgraded technology that allows you to take screenshots of your desktops' screens. Furthermore, this extension handles multiple functions and pages. Therefore, using it would be an effortless task. Hence, let's check out its various features down below:

With the screen capture extension, you can easily take a screenshot of any online page. Furthermore, you can save the screenshot on your device with just a click. It supports Chromebook, Windows, and macOS.

You can easily download the screenshot to your device in your chosen format whenever you take the screenshot. In addition, the extension supports JPEG and PNG formats. Therefore, you can install your screen capture with just a few clicks.

With the Screen Capture addon, you may capture a screenshot with a simple keyboard shortcut. You may also use the "ALT + SHIFT + P" keyboard shortcut to take a screenshot in PNG format. Also, for JPEG format screenshots, use the "ALT + SHIFT + J" keyboard shortcut. Your screenshot can be stored and downloaded to your device.


PNG Format = ALT + SHIFT + P

JPEG Format = ALT + SHIFT + J

You may also email your coworkers by pasting the screenshot into their chatbox with "CTRL + V."

Another of Screen Capture's most significant advantages is that it permits you to capture a screenshot of any part of your page. As a result, you have the alternative of capturing the entire page or only a portion of it. This plugin will now take a perfect photo of your screen. Furthermore, this is a consumer extension that is simple to operate.

This extension is both efficient and straightforward to use. As a matter of fact, there are no limitations or stumbling blocks when using this addon. Additionally, there is no difficulty in joining up for it, and there are no issues with identification or authorization when you do so. However, the best thing is that it is completely free, and you will not be exposed to any advertisements while using it.

You can take free High definition screenshots of your displays using screen capture. Plus, since the quality of your screenshots will be excellent, you can use them wherever.


To install and download the extension is an extremely effortless task. However, before that, you should know a few prerequisites of the extension. Therefore, some of them are:
First, visit the official Chrome website and search for the Screen Capture extension.
Second, install the extension by clicking there.
Third, select the blue "Add to Chrome" button.
Following the previous procedure, tap on the "Add Extension" button.
Therefore, by following these simple and straightforward procedures, you will be able to capture films on your screen just for free of cost.

The usage of the screen capture extension is as facile as its installation and downloading. Furthermore, all you have to do is pin the extension icon from your screen's top right corner to your toolbar. However, if you cannot locate the extension, you can find the extension from the "puzzle" icon. Therefore, from there, pin it to your toolbar. Also, note that it works well with Chromebooks, Windows, and macOS. Although, make sure that you download the extension using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Hence, your screen capture extension is all set to capture your screen's display. [object Object] In addition, you will face no clutter, trouble, advertisements, and no further permission to convert your entire web page into an image or PDF. Therefore, if you want to start with capturing high-quality photos or screenshots for free, then download and install the screen capture extension.

Frequently Asked Questions

The downloading process is easy. You can download the extension for free using your devices. Further, the downloading process is mentioned above.

You can install and download the extension using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers.

Yes, this extension supports Chromebook, Windows, and macOS devices.

This extension is free to use and download.